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OWON SDS7102, 100MHz 1GS/s 2channels, Digital Storage Oscilloscope

Brand: OWON
Product Code: OWON SDS7102
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OWON Digital Oscilloscope SmartDS Series

Deep memory digital storage oscilloscope
10M record length with highest 3.2GS/s sample rate
AutoScale function to simplify the operation
Smart design body with easy workplace
Come with SVGA port to enlarge waveform display
8 inch high definition TFT display (800 x 600 pixels)
Super capacity lithium battery for optional.

Models in the OWON Digital Oscilloscope SmartDS Series
 Model  OWON SDS6062  OWON SDS7102  OWON SDS8102  OWON SDS8202  SDS8302  SDS9302
 Bandwidth  60MHz  100MHz  100MHz  200MHz  300MHz  300MHz
 Sample rate(Real time)  500MS/s  1GS/s  2GS/s  2GS/s  2.5GS/s  3.2GS/s
 Horizontal Scale(S/div)  5ns/div~100s/div, step by 1~2~5  2ns/div~100s/div,step by 1~2~5 1ns/div~100s/div, step by 1~2~5
 Rise time (at input, typical)  ≤5.8ns  ≤3.5ns  ≤1.7ns  ≤1.17ns 
 Channels  Dual
 Display  8" color LCD,TFT display,800x600 pixels,65535 colors
 Dimension  340mm×155mm×70mm
 Weight  1.8kg


OWON SDS7102 Advance features

Main Features:
2.Sample rate(Real time):1GS/s

3.10M record length for each channel
4.Autoscale function
5.Large 8-inch 800x600 pixels display
6.Pass/Fail function
7.SVGA output
8.Waveform record & replay
9.Battery (Optional)

Design and Debug      Circuit function test      Mixed signal circuit test
Identified signals logic information     Education & Training


OWON SDS7102 Specification

 Oscilloscope Specification
   Model   OWON SDS7102
 Vertical System Vertical resolution (A/D)  8 bits Resolution (2 channels simultaneously )
Vertical sensitivity  2mV/div~10V/div(at input)
Displacement   ±1V(2mV~100mV), ±10V(200mV~1V),±100V(2V~10V)
Analog Bandwidth   100MHz
Single bandwidth  Full bandwidth
low frequency  ≥ 5Hz
Rise time (at input, typical)   ≤3.5ns
DC gain accuracy  ±3%
DC accuracy(Average)  Average﹥16: ±(3% rdg + 0.05 div) for △V
 Measurement  Cursor measurement  △V and △T between cursors
 Automatic measurement  Vpp, Vmax, Vmin, Vtop, Vbase, Vamp, Vavg, Vrms, Overshoot, Preshoot, Freq, Period, Rise Time,Fall Time, DelayA→B , DelayA→B , +Width, -Width, +Duty, -Duty
 Waveform Math  +, -, ×, / ,FFT
 Waveform storage  15 waveforms
 Lissajou’s figure  Bandwidth  Full bandwidth
 Phase difference  ±3 degrees
 Communication interface  USB, support USB flash disk storage, SVGA
 Trigger  Trigger level range  ±6 divisions from screen center
 Trigger level accuracy  ±0.3div
 Horizontal Trigger displacement  Pre-trigger: 655 div,Post-trigger: 10 div
 Trigger Holdoff range  100ns~10s
 Edge trigger  Rising、Falling
 Pulse Trigger  Trigger condition  Positive pulse:>、<、= negative pulse:>、<、=
 Pulse width range  24ns~10s
 Video Trigger  NTSC、PAL、SECAM
 Slope Trigger  Trigger condition  Positive pulse:>、<、= negative pulse:>、<、=
 Time setting  24ns~10s
 Alternate Trigger  Edge, Pulse, Video, Slope
 Waveform quantity  1~1000
 Interval time  1ms~1000s
 Display  8" color LCD,TFT display,800x600 pixels,65535 colors
 Power Supply  100~240VAC RMS, 50/60Hz, CAT II
 Power consumption  < 18W
 Dimension Weight  340mm(L)×155mm(H)×70mm(W) 1.8kg (without battery)

OWON SDS7102 Accessories

OWON SDS7102 Accessories

Rusty Molinary | 5 reviews

The OWON SDS7102 is a quality scope from China. The specs are quite good for the price. I've had it on a field assignment for a week and had a chance to use many of the features. I normally use a Tektronix TDS730, but it failed on site and ordered the Rigol unit for the job. The functions are straight forward and easily accessed (similar to the Tekscope). I've seen some independent reviews of the internals and it uses name brand components, which is surprising for the price. The only down side to the scope is that it doesn't have a battery option for field work. Also thanks to Sain Store for the quick ship. Got it the next day!
Eddy Brumley | 5 reviews

I just got the oscilloscope and I have to say I'm impressed. 2 channel 100MHz w/ 1GSa/s is excellent for $499.
Javier Phung | 5 reviews

WOW, this is a lot of scope for the price. I have owned mine for a couple months now and couldn't be happier. I am using mine around microcontroller development, encoders, displays, sensors, etc. Everything works great and I still cant believe the price. Highest recommendation!
Natacha Schembri | 5 reviews

I use many expensive Agilent scope on a daily basis at work, and this entry-level scope from Rigol has really nothing to be ashamed of. Sure it is slower, a little less accurate, and not as user friendly as my "entry-level" $5000 scope from Agilent, but for a fraction of the price, it provides everything you need for small home projects, and the bandwidth is more than adequate for most applications. The scope feels well built, so are the probes, and is not as loud as I expected from other reviews. Bottom line, best scope you can buy for the price.
Lester Ollila | 5 reviews

This is an amazing instrument for the money. In addition to what you can measure on the screen you can display several direct measurements like frequency, voltages (pp, rms, max, min, avg, etc.). Also it has Fast Fourier Transform processing module so you can display the signal in the frequency domain. The screen is wonderful in rich color and definition. The menus are very intuitive and easy to use and you really don't need to read the manuals. I did not connected it to my PC yet but it promise a full access to all the measurements data easily. For the money this is a really bargain deal.

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