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OWON MSO7102T, 100MHz 1GS/s 2channels, Digital Storage Oscilloscope

Brand: OWON
Product Code: OWON MSO7102T
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Models in the OWON digital Oscilloscope MSO Series
 Model  OWON MSO5022S      OWON MSO7102T  OWON MSO8102T  OWON MSO8202T
 Bandwidth  25MHz  100MHz  100MHz  200MHz
 Sample rate(Real time)  100MS/s  1GS/s  2GS/s
 Horizontal Scale(S/div)  5ns/div~100s/div
step by 1~2.5~5
 2ns/div~100s/div step by 1~2~5  1ns/div~100s/div
step by 1~2~5
 Rise time  ≤14ns  ≤3.5ns  ≤1.7ns
 Channels  Dual channels + external trigger
 Display  7.8''color LCD,
STN display
 8.0'' color  LCD , TFT screen, 640×480 pixels
 Dimension  370mm(L)x180mm(H)x120mm(W)
 Weight  2.2kg

OWON MSO7102T Advance features

Main Features:
1.2 in 1( DSO+LA )
2. 8 inch LCD color display
3. Support USB for data transmission to PC
4. USB Flash Disk Storage
5. 20 Automatic Measurements
6. Max.2M record length
7. Slope trigger and pulse trigger added

Design and Debug      Circuit function test      Mixed signal circuit test
Identified signals logic information     Education & Training

OWON MSO7102TD Specification

 Oscilloscope Specification
 Model Name  OWON MSO7102T
 Bandwidth  100MHz
 Sample Rate(Real time)  1GS/s
 Rise time  ≤3.5ns  
 Display  8.0'' color  LCD , TFT screen, 640×480 pixels
 Channel  Dual channels + external trigger
 Horizontal scale (s/div)  2ns/div~100s/div,step by 1~2~5  
 DC accuracy(Average)  Average>16:±(3%reading+0.05div) for △V
 Vertical Sensitivity  2mV/div -10V/div
 DC Gain Accuracy  ±3%
 Vertical resolution (A/D)  8 bits (2 channels simultaneously)
 Interpolation  (sin x)/x
 Max. Input Voltage  400V ( DC + AC PK-PK )
 Probe attenuation 
 Trigger Mode MSO7102TD
Edge, Video, Alternate, Pulse, Slope
 Acquisition mode  Normal, Peak Detect, Average
 Record length  Max.2M points
 Waveform storage  4 waveforms
 Automatic Measurement  Vpp,Vavg,RMS,Frequency,Period,Vmax,Vmin,Vtop,Vbase,Width,Overshoot ,Preshoot
,Risetime,Falltime,+Width,-Width,+Duty,-Duty, Delay A→B、 Delay A→B
 Waveform math  +, -, ×, ÷,FFT 
 Power supply  100-240V ACRMS,50Hz/60Hz,CATⅡ
 Bandwidth  100MHz  
 ±3 degrees
 Communication  interface  USB,Support USB Flash Disk Storage
 Fuse  1A, T grade, 250V


 Logic Analyzer specification
 Model Name   OWON MSO7102T
 Sample rate
(real time)
 Bandwidth  200MHz
 Channels  16
 Record length  4M/channel
 Input impedance  660KΩ±5% // 15±5pF
 Trigger mode  Edge trigger, Bus trigger, State trigger, Data alignment trigger, Data  width  trigger,Distributed queue trigger
 Trigger position setting  Pre-trigger, mid-trigger, re-trigger
 Threshold Voltage  ±6V
 Input Signal Range  ±30V
 Data search  Available
 Data System  Binary system, Decimal system, Hex
 Digital filter  0,1,2 optional
 Setting storage  10 settings
 USB flash disk storage  Available

OWON MSO7102T Accessories

OWON MSO7102TD Accessories

Ida Hules | 1 reviews

I'm a digital designer with 20 years experience in DSP and video capture circuits. I purchased the OWON MSO7102T scope a week ago for use with hobby projects at home. I selected it for its great price/performance and on the recommendations of a colleague. Currently, I am building an RS-170 video digitizer that interfaces to an FPGA/DSP circuit. I found the video-triggering features of the OWON MSO7102T very useful for aligning the digital control signals with the RS-170 video, and for debugging the digital logic.

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